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Stealth Yachts Commercial Ferry, Cape Town, South Africa

Stealth Yachts, in Cape Town, South Africa, designed a prototype water transport vessel for use in resort areas like Dubai and the Maldives. They asked us to build a single station joystick control system with sideways feature for their high-speed catamaran hydrofoil with twin Hamilton 274s. We designed the system to their specifications, and on July 29, 2018, we flew to Cape Town for the installation. We were met with some suspicion by customs officials, who questioned us at length about the tools and equipment we brought for the job. Finally we were cleared and went to our hotel in the Greenpoint area of the city.

We were told the boat was ready for the control system, but when we arrived, there were still many workers running to and fro, and neither the engines nor the jets were operational. There was daily pressure from the Royal Cape Yacht Club to get the boat moved, as this was a sailing club and they did not normally allow this type of vessel or work to be done on the premises. The place was surrounded by barbed wire and we were never allowed in without an escort. After 5 days waiting and assisting the workers where we could, we were able to complete the install, and along with the owner and boat builder, we took off for sea trials. We were nervous, because this was the first time the boat had been on the water. The owner promised we would stay in the bay. Using the Control Stick™ docking mode, we successfully maneuvered around the sailboats in the marina and then the big freighters. The owner couldn’t resist. He headed straight for open water! He was using the wheel, but soon began losing control of steerage due to 6-foot seas. The stern hydrofoil was not dialed in correctly, so the bow was pointing upward at an angle of 40 degrees +. Tom, our lead engineer, suggested switching back to docking mode. The owner was amazed that he was able to regain full control. We eventually docked the boat in a crowded marina next to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront (see video). The owner and boat builder agreed that the Control Stick™ performed flawlessly. We offloaded our equipment, said our goodbyes, and flew out the next day. This vessel is getting daily usage transporting tourists in the Maldives.

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