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Can the Control Stick™ be installed on any vessel?

Yes! We can customize a control system for any type of vessel from 24-foot to ship class. Many of our customers have replaced or upgraded their Hinckley, Little Harbor, Hunt, Rivolta, and Legacy systems due to failure or wear and tear of their original systems, and they are very happy with the performance and personal service they have received from our team. We have customers like L3Harris, who use our system on their research vessel, and Stealth Yachts, who put one of our systems on their water taxi being used in the Maldives. They depend on our systems!

I’m selling my boat. Would the Control Stick™ increase the selling price?

Absolutely! We’ve worked with the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Boat Donation Program for a number of years, assessing donated boats and adding our marine joystick control system. With the modern upgrade and ease of driving these boats, they were able to increase the sale price from $35,000 – $60,000. Many brokers and private owners have discovered this as well.

Does the Control Stick™ have any backup in the event of system failure?

Yes. The Control Stick comes with automatic default electro-mechanical backup.

What is the warranty on the Control Stick™?

We offer a 5-year warranty, the best in the industry, and it goes with the boat if you do decide to sell. The Control Stick™ is made with the highest quality state-of-the-art electronic circuitry, designed specifically for jet propulsion and to withstand the marine environment. Systems are manufactured here in Maine, USA, and are military tough and extremely reliable. All components are ROHS compliant. 

In the unlikely event of a problem, the Control Stick™ system has on-board diagnostics that enable any marine electrician, service yard, or private owner to address the issue. Our system is plug and play, which means you can disconnect and ship the control box directly to our facility in Bangor, Maine, for fast repair and return with minimal downtime.

24-hour technical support is available, so you can call with questions even if you are out at sea!

Will the Control Stick™ operate on a vessel without a bow thruster?

Yes, the Control Stick™ can be ordered with split bucket deflection that enables the power of the engines to maneuver sideways under any wind or sea conditions.

Will the Control Stick™ work in unison with the Garmin™ Smart Pump™?

Yes, it will. This simply requires leaving the old pump in line.

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