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Complete control in the palm of your hand.



Complete control in the palm of your hand.




Experience unparalleled control with Control Stick™, the ultimate marine joystick control system, meticulously
crafted to deliver effortless precision and unmatched convenience. Indulge in the luxury of an all-in-one control
system that seamlessly integrates all essential boat functions – steering, buckets and bow thruster – into a single
user-friendly stick. Say goodbye to the need for multiple controls and embrace a simplified and intuitive
maritime experience that allows you to focus on what truly matters – enjoying your boating adventure to the


Our Control Stick™ empowers you to effortlessly pilot your boat in any direction – forward, backward, rotating, or even sideways – all with a simple push or twist of our intuitively-designed joystick control system. Whether you’re navigating a challenging dock space or a bustling marina, maintain complete control and maneuver your boat with utmost confidence. Our Control Stick™ ensures intuitive steering, placing complete control literally in the palm of your hand. Master the art of maritime maneuverability with Control Stick™ and elevate your boating experience to new heights.


All our Control Stick™ marine joystick control products are engineered meticulously with one thing in mind – Reliability. Our premium quality joysticks are crafted to withstand over 5 million operations, guaranteeing a long and dependable mechanical life for your peace of mind. Even the least significant components of our system are selected with unwavering commitment to quality, ensuring that you’re never left stranded while navigating the seas. With our Summer Saver system, reliability meets redundancy. This control unit is expertly designed to allow a seamless switch to a fully functional standby system at the push of a button. With Control Stick™, you’re guaranteed minimal downtime and maximum time in the water, exactly where you want to be. Choose Control Stick™ marine joystick systems for unbeatable reliability and top-tier performance.


All aspects of the Control Stick™ marine joystick control system are designed specifically for the demands that a jet boat will encounter. Some companies use off-the-shelf PLC controllers and adapt them for jet boat control. Based on our years of experience in the marine industry, our systems are specifically designed for jet boat operations and the marine environment. Our confidence in the durability of the Control Stick™ is backed with the industry’s longest 5-year warranty on all components. 


Whether you are looking to install a new joystick control system, upgrade an existing one or perhaps retrofit your boat’s control setup, the Control Stick™ can be the solution. Our versatile system integrates seamlessly with most jet or prop boat controls, providing a smooth and effortless ride every time.  Need to replace your Hinckley Jet Stick™, UltraJet Jet Master™ or any other system? We’ve got you covered. Our replacement and upgrade services not only bring your system back to prime functioning, but also enhance its performance – all at highly competitive prices.


We don’t stop at providing superb products – our customer service is unmatched. When you invest in a Control Stick™, you gain a dedicated service team ready to assist you at every step. Queries about compatibility, usage, or maintenance? We’ve got the answers. Call us, and you’ll connect directly with a real person – no endless menus or automated responses.  Our engineering team stands ready to cater to your specific needs, ensuring that your investment in our products translates into value, convenience, and top-quality performance. 


Whatever your control system’s needs are, choose the Control Stick™. Your boat deserves it! 

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