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Santa Cruz Coastal Flyer 41, Burgess, VA

In the fall of 2021, we made the trip to coastal Virginia and the home of John and Sue Mullenholz. We were there to survey their Santa Cruz Coastal Flyer, but what began as a business arrangement soon developed into a lasting friendship. They welcomed us into their home and into their hearts. Their boat had a UltraJet system that needed to be replaced and the hydraulics had to be refurbished, so John decided to store the boat for the winter season and have us do the work in the spring. In April 2022, we went to Tiffany Yachts, in Burgess, where the boat was being stored, did the mechanical work, and installed a new 3-mode Control Stick™. The crew at Tiffany was helpful, but John was there the whole time, working alongside us, grabbing lunch at the local diner, and getting us anything we needed.  We always strive to have a good relationship with our customers, but some of them become true friends.

High Praise FROM THE