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Hunt 36, Rockland, ME

We arrived in the beautiful coastal community of Rockland, Maine in late August of 2018. Mike Dearborn, of Yachting Solutions (now Safe Harbor – Rockland) hired us to install the Control Stick™ on a Pettegrow 40. He came to meet us on the boat and told us the owner of the Pettegrow would not be using it for a while, but he had another customer docked nearby who was dead in the water. This gentleman’s Hunt 36 had a broken joystick and an UltraJet system with major issues. He was frustrated to be missing out on what was left of the brief Maine summer season. Could we do that job instead, ASAP?

We had to modify the joystick and faceplate which was installed in the arm of his captain’s chair, and we had some major modifications to accomplish on the hydraulics. This required a trip back to Bangor and a couple of days in the shop. Once back in Rockland, we still had a couple of days of work, but by September 1 the system was installed, sea trials were completed, and the owner thanked us for salvaging his Labor Day Weekend plans!

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